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The place to shop for all your volleyball needs! Shoes, spandex, kneepads, apparel and more!

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We fill our store (and site!) with apparel, accessories and equipment full of color, energy, and love! Go glam with a glittery Volleyball Mom t-shirt or show your support subtly with a more modest volleyball pullover. Pick a small Peace Love Volleyball car decal or bling out the whole family from head to toe! Regardless of the shape, size or style, we handpick and design everything with you in mind. And you deserve beautiful things!


While filling our shelves with fun, beautiful items is a priority, we never scrimp on quality. We offer shoes, spandex, kneepads and apparel, from some of the top brands in volleyball... Nike, Mizuno, Asics, and more! But, one thing we love about The Academy ProShop is that you'll see big brand name items alongside our local and smaller vendors, like Distinct Images, SportsWise, and Zella Mae Inspirations.


Life is more fun when you are smiling, laughing and surrounded by positivity! At The Academy, we want to celebrate YOU... who you are, what you do and all of your dreams! We hope our products will inspire you, just like you all inspire us. Next time you wear your Choose Happiness hoodie from Zella Mae Inspirations or look at the "Be The Change..." canvas on your wall, know that we are here, cheering you on, wishing you nothing but the best in your beautiful life.


Don't be a stranger! We want to connect with you, even after your purchase. Tag us in your instagram pictures with our Academy ProShop gear... sporting your new hoodie, wrapped in your warm fleece blanket, or rocking out your new volleyball shoes! We will add you to our gallery, alongside all of our other friends, families, and rockstar customers! 

“Growing up, I was always looking for anything that had a volleyball on it... a shirt, pillow, sticker, or bracelet. Shelves were always stocked with apparel and equipment for other sports, but lacked any variety for volleyball.For so many people, volleyball is much more than just a game or hobby. They need a place like The Academy ProShop to fuel their passion. To be an athlete. To find what they truly love. ”

Emily Hawthorne
Academy Owner/Director


Located inside The Academy Volleyball Club.


6635 E. 30th Street Indianapolis, IN 46219

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